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5 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Professional Movers When Relocating

Relocating a business involves dozens of details and, to experience a smooth move, you shouldn’t overlook any of them. Even a tiny omission can create a significant interruption to operations. Partnering with a moving company can ensure an easy transition. Here are five reasons businesses should hire professional movers when relocating.

1. Minimal Disruption

Even the best-laid plans can still create significant disruption. To reduce the impact of a move, a professional and reliable moving company can ensure minimal interruption occurs. First, they’ll get the packing and transferring of the company done efficiently and safely. Then, upon arrival at the other end, they’ll have things set up in no time. Employees can get back to work in the new location almost immediately, minus the stress of unpacking themselves. Instead, team members can go straight back to focusing on their jobs with minimal disruption.

2. Less Stress on Staff Members

Putting employees in charge of moving tasks may save money on paper, but it can lead to other unforeseen costs. For example, moving heavy equipment and furniture takes a significant amount of planning and organization. Not to mention asking employees to move furniture, equipment, or boxes physically could lead to injuries.

Rather than place the burden on staff, a better strategy is to hire professionals to take on the challenging tasks. Consider that employees will be busy attending to other moving charges, such as notifying vendors, contacting customers, forwarding mail, collecting and returning keys, along with other numerous administrative details. The move may also impact their commutes and daycare arrangements which they’ll have to arrange. Relocating is taxing enough on staff members, but partnering with an expert mover can alleviate much stress.

3. Prevents Injuries

Speaking of staff, putting the full moving responsibility on them can lead to injury. However, a professional – and experienced – moving company can quickly and safely transport heavy furniture and equipment. Doing so removes the risks of employees becoming injured.

4. Ensures Equipment Arrives Intact

Office equipment is essential to business operations. Professional movers will take extreme care, making sure everything is wrapped, packed, and transported carefully. Moving an office DIY-style can lead to damaged equipment. The last thing any business owner wants is for their expensive equipment to arrive damaged and unusable. Movers are licensed and experienced, providing assurance everything will arrive safely.

5. Hiring a Moving Company is Cost-Effective

Hiring a moving company is more cost-effective in the long run. Relocating yourself involves significant expenses, energy, and time. Going the DIY route almost always means it’ll take longer as well. These are all hours taken away from operating the business and involve paying employees overtime if they’re pulling double duty doing their jobs and managing the move. Then there are additional costs, including renting moving trucks and buying packing materials. Movers handle it all, essentially giving you a turnkey move. 

Business Relocation Made Easy

Hiring a professional moving company can help ensure business continuity with minimal disruption. Need help with an upcoming move for your company? Contact us today for a free quote.