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5 Things to Consider Discarding When Moving and Why

Most people need to take the time to unclutter before packing for a household move. Sometimes it can be challenging to focus on the overstuffed closets and drawers, but a good purge of unneeded items is wise before relocating. In addition, some stuff is worthy of selling or donating to a local charity.


Decluttering before you pack might help you:


  • Reduce your transportation costs. 

  • Save you some money on packing supplies. 

  • Save you time on packing.

  • Give you a little extra cash if you sell your stuff. 

  • Provide you with more space in your new home. 

Here is a list of items to consider eliminating as you go through your belongings before you pack.

1. Outdated Electronics and Unused Appliances

There was a time when people maintained a box of used devices and cables just in case they needed them. If 5G and next-gen devices teach us anything, old technology and cables are unnecessary. Of course, you probably also have appliances you never use - like an old waffle iron, blender, or toaster oven that merely takes up space. 

2. Old Posters and Magazines

Plastering bedroom and college dormitory walls with cool posters served an age-appropriate purpose. But ten or so years later, what was once trendy has not necessarily aged well. Unless celebrities have personally signed your old posters, they probably have almost no value other than sentimental. And the idea that you’ll hang them up again or pass them down to children probably isn’t realistic. In addition, you might be saving old magazines to refer to, but these take up valuable space, plus you can now reference many published pieces online.

3. Clothing That Doesn’t Fit or is Out of Style

Many closets are full of unused clothing. Shorts, pants, skirts, and jackets may no longer fit because you’ve gained or lost weight. Or, maybe you are hanging on to items that are no longer in fashion. Pass them on so that others might have the opportunity to get more use out of them.


4. Expired Food and Medication

The chances are that you have some expired items in your pantry and your medicine cabinet. From old spices to expired vitamins or medications, now is the time to ditch these items properly.

5. Old Furniture

Is your current furniture worthy of the move to your new home? Is it broken, worn, or dated? Now is the time to consider if you need to replace it when you get to your new home. Instead of spending the money to move it -- donate it, then buy something new once you are settled in your new place. Consider that new furniture will be a positive aspect of a fresh start in your new home.

Even if your belongings don’t need to relocate with you, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get more use elsewhere. Sell or donate your discarded items whenever you can. 

Free up the Clutter for Your New Home

Moving into a new living space can be a great experience, and unburdening yourself from clutter can make you feel a little lighter. If you are planning to relocate, contact us for a quote today.