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5 Tips To Organize A Successful Last-Minute Moving Sale

Moving to a new home involves a great deal more than packing up your belongings and shuffling down the road. The transition includes changes of address at the Post Office, utility transfers, and confronting the excessive accumulation of underused belongings. Eliminate what you don’t need or use anymore.

A moving sale can help separate well-used belongings from assets better served filling up in someone else’s closets. By considering the following moving sale strategies, you can maximize the square footage in your new living space. 

1. Sell Some Valuables Before the Moving Sale

Maximize your profits by selling highly sought-after valuables in advance. Items such as antique dishware, collectibles, and expensive belongings can fetch a pretty penny when sold on e-commerce—platforms such as Etsy, eBay, and Craigslist present opportunities to get sizable returns. Consider putting items online and having the post time out before the moving sale. This strategy allows you to place a tag on them and sell them in the front yard, if necessary.

2. Sort Belongings Into Categories

After emptying cluttered closets and clogged attics, consider placing underused items into logical groups. In other words, toys, kitchen items, collectibles, and tools will all be displayed uniformly during the sale. This mirrors the way department stores present products. Haphazardly piling things on tables during a moving sale may prove frustrating to potential buyers and leave you with more leftovers than you prefer.

3. Take an Inventory of Sellable Goods

It’s generally worthwhile to make a hard-copy list or spreadsheet that accounts for the moving sale items. By creating this in advance, you can take your time and include the dollar amounts next to sellable items. Keep in mind that moving sales are a lot like bargain-basement shopping. People anticipate rock-bottom prices and some haggling.

4. Advertise Moving Sale Incrementally

A successful moving sale requires adequate foot traffic generated from the surrounding area. That’s why it’s generally good to start an online campaign a few weeks before the date. Platforms such as the Patch, Craigslist, and local message boards are excellent places to advertise the event. Remember to include times, dates, location, and a shortlist of for-sale items that attract a wide range of community members. Noting things like antiques, collectibles, children’s toys, tools, and linens, usually garner people’s attention.

The second wave of advertising involves putting up old-school posters. These can usually be tacked to telephone poles unless local ordinances ban the practice. Remember to check the weather when putting out colorful moving sale posters that include the time, date, and address. If it rains, signs won’t last long. These can be effectively distributed a few days before the moving sale, weather permitting.

5. Have a Moving Sale Exit Strategy

As the moving sale winds down, you’ll need to make some snap decisions about getting rid of the remaining items. If you have a few days before the moving trucks arrive, consider putting the things near the curb with a sign that states: Free Stuff. Passersby will likely pull over and remove a portion.

You can donate useable items to local charities. Check online to see if there are any that will come and pick up your remaining stuff. Or check the drop-off hours and make a plan to haul it there yourself. 

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