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How to Pack a Bedroom and Still Get a Good Night's Sleep

When moving day is just around the corner, your timeline can feel a bit stressed. Previously easy tasks suddenly aren't, and questions of timing take center stage — for instance, should you pack the pots and pans now and eat out, or put off packing the dishes so you can still cook at home?

But perhaps no other room creates quite the same issues as the bedroom. After all, you need to get everything ready for moving day, but you still need to get a good night's rest, and that's hard to do when your bed is dissembled, and your sheets and blankets are all packed.

These bedroom packing tips will help you keep from losing sleep during a move.

Start by Paring Down

As with any other room, the bedroom packing process should start with a thorough decluttering. Moving offers the perfect time to go through your belongings and sort out things you no longer need. That way, you won't pack, unpack and pay to move items you don't use or don't want.

Bonus: Decluttering positively impacts mental health -- and who couldn't use a boost during a move?

Set aside time to go through your bedroom, including the contents of drawers and closets. Separate your belongings into the following categories:

  • Keep

  • Donate

  • Sell

  • Recycle/throw away

You've got options when it comes to donating clothing and linens. For example, animal welfare organizations need old blankets and sheets, while housing shelters and back-to-work organizations often need linens and donated clothing.

What Bedroom Packing Supplies Do I Need?

Once you've pared down your bedroom belongings, gather packing supplies. While you will need some standard packing materials (like boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape), there are a few specialized items that can help streamline the process, too, such as:

  • Mattress bag

  • Moving blankets or quilts to wrap mirrors or televisions

  • Vacuum seal plastic bags for clothing and textiles

  • Wardrobe boxes or bags 

  • Shrinkwrap

Bedroom Packing Timeline

When packing a bedroom, order of operations is critical. As a general guide, follow these steps:

  1. Wash and dry any dirty clothing and bed linens

  2. Pack guest bedroom/s first, and your own/kids' bedrooms last

  3. Create a box to hold necessities for the day of and day after the move; add items to it as you go

  4. Set aside the clothing and linens you'll need to use during the move

  5. Leave clothing on hangers and slip wardrobe boxes/bags over the top to move easily

  6. Leave clothing in drawers, remove drawers from dressers and shrink wrap the drawers

  7. Pack linens and textiles into vacuum-seal bags

  8. Use large boxes to pack pillows, blankets, and other lightweight items

  9. Disassemble beds and other furniture before the move; place screws and hardware into a plastic bag, label it, and tape the bag to the underside of the furniture

  10. Leave mattress on the floor until the day of the move, then slip it into a mattress bag

Packing a bedroom doesn't have to be stressful. Give yourself plenty of lead time and keep the items you need available. Sleeping on your own mattress the night before the move can help you feel rested for moving day.

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