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Ideal Food Items to Include in Your First-Night Moving Kit

Moving is a hectic event that leaves little time much meal-planning. In reality, someone in your household will be hungry when you all arrive at your new home, even if it’s just for a quick snack or a drink before you get down to heavy-duty unpacking tasks.

You probably won’t have time or energy to grocery shop, your cookware and dishware will be in boxes, and your refrigerator may not be fully cold yet. Planning ahead is a good idea to ensure everyone has something to eat that first night. Here are some ideal food items to include in your first-night moving kit.

Light Snacks

Light snacks that can serve as quick pick-me-ups are important to bring. Great on-the-go fuel items can be protein bars, granola bars, cut-up veggies (if you have a cooler, bring some dip!), popcorn, crackers, beef jerky, and trail mix. Looking for something a little less healthy to go with the healthy items, pack along some cookies or individual bags of chips to pass out.

Breakfast Foods

As the old saying goes, breakfast is the day's most important meal. Don’t overlook breakfast items for your first morning in your new home. Plan for a morning or two of breakfast foods to have on hand. Good options include cereals, instant or microwavable oatmeal, fruit cereal bars, muffins, or pastries.


It’s a good idea to have beverages on hand as everyone is bound to get thirsty, and you don’t want anyone to become dehydrated. Pack refillable water bottles, iced tea, soft drinks, and Gatorade-type beverages in your first-night moving kit. If you or someone else needs a daily dose of java, be sure to bring coffee, milk (shelf-stable if needed), sugar, and a coffee maker.

Main Meals

Trying to figure out how to have an easy-to-make meal with little cleanup? If you have a cooler, you can always pick up some ice and stock the cooler with sandwiches and salads. If a cooler isn’t an option, you can plan for peanut butter and jelly and/or canned or pouched tuna, chicken, or salmon, and some bread.

Any of these options will provide everyone with a quick protein boost that is filling and allows everyone to return to work unpacking and setting things up quickly. Also, if you have a baby or toddler, make sure to have the formula, jarred baby food, or other items they eat.

Try Local Take Out

If it’s in your budget and you want something with no fuss or add additional food options for the first few days, you can plan to treat everyone in your household or who may be helping you take out food. It’ll be a great opportunity to try out new places in your new neighborhood and offer an easy-to-prep and clean-up meal. If delivery services are available, even better. To make it easier, research local places in your new neighborhood online ahead of time, before you move, so that you have a plan when it’s mealtime.

Ready to Plan Your Upcoming Move?

Moving day is exhausting, and the last thing anyone probably wants to do is think about making sure everyone is fed. Pack enough food and drinks in your first-night moving kit, and everyone will be much happier.

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