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Things to Include on Your Moving Day Checklist

There is no doubt that moving is one of the most stressful experiences in a person's life.

Fortunately, you can get from point A to point B quickly with some preparation and the assistance of an experienced moving company.

Keep reading to find out what you need to do to ensure a smooth relocation.

The Night Before

Take advantage of the night before you leave to make your final preparations for your big day. This is your chance to eliminate as much moving stress as possible.

Finish Packing

Pack away any loose items in boxes or crates. Then you'll be ready to go once your moving crew arrives in the morning. Leave out any things or paperwork you'll need tomorrow.

Check Labels

Double-check to ensure that all your boxes have been labeled with the destination room at your new house.

Empty the Trash

Put your garbage outside in the trash bin, so you aren't inadvertently moving it. Don't carry trash from one place to another.

Print Your Checklist

Lastly, print out or write down the remaining items on this checklist for reference. In stressful or busy times like moving, physical checklists are beneficial. You'll know nothing got missed if you keep ticking off items on the list as you go.

Moving Day

You will have more time to complete everything if you get an early start on moving day. 

Set Essential Boxes Aside

The items you'll need in your new house right away should be clearly labeled and separate from the rest of your stuff. Then, load these items into the moving truck or your own car last.

Meet With Your Movers

Give your moving team the lowdown on the day's events. Make sure you understand their timeline and any special instructions.

Stay Available

Keep an eye on the loading process and be accessible to the movers, so they know exactly what you want.

Clean As the Rooms Are Emptied

Now that furniture and boxes are out of the way; you can complete any necessary last-minute cleaning.

Complete a Walk Through

After removing everything, give the moving team the all-clear to depart. Then, check every closet, drawer, and cabinet for the remaining items.

Drop Off Keys and Paperwork

Depending on your situation, you might have to leave your keys and move-out documents with your landlord or leasing office. Otherwise, you can lock up the house and leave the keys with your realtor or somewhere else pre-arranged.

Upon Arrival at New Home

Meet Movers

Meet your movers as they unload your new home, and again be available for any questions the movers may have about where items should go in your new home.

Bring in Essentials Box

Unload your essentials box from your car to dip into it for necessary items until you have your other things unpacked.

Tips for a Smooth Move

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