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What to Do the First Week After Your Move

Moving is a big project. The number of tasks to complete can seem overwhelming. So here is a guide to what to do during your first week in your new home.

Unpack Efficiently

Before leaving your home, pack a box or two of essential items. They include toiletries, sheets, towels, medications, and basic items for food preparation. Unpack these items.

Then unpack and organize your children's rooms. Being surrounded by familiar items will help them transition more easily. Unpack the kitchen, other bedrooms, and bathroom next. After that, move on to the living room and dining room. Leave the utility rooms and garage for last.

After you unpack, either give away your moving materials to someone else or recycle them to help the environment.

Change the Locks

If you own your home, pay a locksmith to change the locks. Although you received a key from the previous owners at closing, others may still have copies. Also, ask the landlord to change or re-key the locks if you rent.

Doublecheck Safety Features

Test the smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly. Also, check air vents to ensure they are free of furniture and dust. Change furnace filters, clean dryer vents, and replace the fire extinguisher. Finally, ensure you know where the fuse box is and how to shut off the water and gas.

If you have small children, childproof your new residence quickly. Set your water heater to no more than 120F, cover electrical outlets, and place cushions on furniture covers, for example.

Help Your Pets Settle

Set up your pet's space right away. Keep the same bed, crate, and toys if you have a dog. Dog proof the new home and allow the dog to sniff and explore safely. Avoid leaving them for long periods at first.

If you have a cat, keep it indoors for the first two weeks. Then, prepare small, frequent meals and spread their scent throughout the house.

Pay extra attention to your pets in the first few days to help them settle in. Stick to their old routines as much as possible.

Meet Your Neighbors

Often, neighbors will approach you soon after they see the moving van leaving. Take the opportunity to get to know them a little right away and invite them for coffee toward the end of the week. Talking with them not only provides a chance for you to make new friends but also can help you discover the best restaurants, grocery stores, and professionals in your new neighborhood.

Change Your Address

If you haven't already done so, change your address with credit card companies, the post office, magazines, and professional organizations. In addition, change your driver's license and vehicle registration address and update your voter registration.

Shop for Groceries

You've probably been eating fast-food and leftovers for the past few days. So when you unpacked your kitchen, set off to a nearby grocery store for food.


By the end of the first week, you'll have accomplished a lot. Take time off to visit a restaurant, movie, or concert in your new town.

Settling In Right

Are you planning your move? Contact us for a free quote. We can help you complete your relocation stress-free.