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4 Tech-Savvy Ways to Move Efficiently

Technology has changed how we handle so many necessary parts of life. If you are in the process of preparing to move, technology can be valuable during this event as well. Take a look at a few tech-savvy ways to make your household relocation more efficient.

1. Create a digital schedule to stay on task

Digital schedules revolutionize your ability to stay on task during a move. Plus, you can use many simple digital schedules, such as the calendar app on your phone. A few weeks before moving day, sit down, add to-do tasks to your calendar, and note when you need to complete the items. You will get automated alerts from the app when a job on your list is coming due. A few things you could include in your schedule could be:

  • Contact the power company to schedule the service transfer to the new address

  • Pick up your moving supplies

  • Finish packing a certain room

  • Call to verify what time the movers will be arriving

  • Notify the landlord of your intent to move

2. Use room layout apps

When you select your new home, you will be excited to move in, layout and design the space for your family’s comfort. Check out virtual room design and planning applications to design your space for functionality. Free and affordable apps include 


  • Rooms

  • Amikasa

  • Home Design 3D

  • 3Dream

  • Plan Your Room

  • Roomstyler 3D


These apps allow you to put in the specifics of your home's layout and design to get a sense of how your new furniture will look and, more importantly, how it will fit.

3. Take advantage of organization apps

Organization apps are exceptionally convenient when you are in the middle of a move. For example, there are home inventory apps you can use to snag pictures of your belongings, categorize bulk items, and get a good look at how much stuff you own in general. 

One such all-inclusive app is Sortly, which you can use to make a thorough inventory of your possessions in preparation for a move. You can use the app to take pictures, make notes, and organize your belongings in various folders. Create QR labels for your containers and use the integrated search tool to locate your belongings quickly. Use Sortly's moving checklist to keep on track and remember everything.

4. Sell your unwanted items on social media apps

Sometimes, you don't realize how much unnecessary stuff you own until you have to handle everything during a move. If you need to liquidate or donate some items quickly, social media platforms work well for that purpose. For instance, if you have items to donate, you can post them on local social-media-hosted community pages to find a taker. Likewise, many communities have "for-sale" or classified groups and pages where you can post items for sale. With social media, a few clicks, pics, and a brief description could mean your items are out of your way quickly.

Get Your Move Off to the Best Start with Professional Mover Support

We understand just how intimidating it can be to face a residential move, even with all the tips and tricks. Our team of pro movers can help you get your possessions from point A to point B efficiently. Contact us today for a free moving quote.