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Order Fulfillment

Ramar offers a centralized location for order fulfillment in the Washington D.C. area. We provide flexible solutions to meet your needs and those of your customers. From receiving products to pulling, packing, and shipping, we ensure that your customers receive the right products at the right time. Our computerized inventory tracking and customized reporting options optimize project and inventory management, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Order Processing

Order processing is the first step in the fulfillment process. It involves receiving and verifying an order, then preparing it for shipment. This process may include tasks such as inventory management, picking and packaging items, and generating shipping labels.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential to order fulfillment. It involves tracking the availability of products and ensuring that enough stock is on hand to fulfill orders. Inventory management systems can help businesses keep track of their stock levels and automatically reorder products when they run low.

Picking and Packaging

Picking and packaging is the process of retrieving items from inventory, assembling them for shipment, and preparing them for transport. This can involve tasks such as selecting the correct products, counting and verifying quantities, and properly packaging items to prevent damage during shipment.