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Steps to a Stress-Free Move — Even on a Tight Timeline

You find out you have to move, and your timeline is pretty tight. Planning, packing, and moving can take so much time, and not having a lot of time can get stressful. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a stress-free move even though you don't have a lot of time on your hands. 

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The bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms in the home. Sometimes a challenge to pack; your bathroom likely has items of various shapes and sizes to deal with. Plus, it might contain more things than you initially expect. Here are some tips for packing the bathroom efficiently for a household move.

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5 Ways to Make Moving Easier One Month Before Your Move

With your moving date circled on the calendar, you may be looking at that day with dread — with all the work ahead. However, one month before you move, there are a handful of things you can tackle early that will make all the difference. Here's how to make your move easier and far less stressful. 

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5 Things Your Pro Movers May Not Transport

While working with a professional moving company to help you relocate is always ideal, knowing what to expect with your belongings will ensure a smooth process. Some moving companies will move just about anything, from your furniture to your car. However, certain items may pose unnecessary risks to either your belongings or the movers. Therefore, you may have a few belongings in your collection that you will have to handle independently.

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Selling and Buying a Home — Tips to Help

Selling and buying a house at the same time can be stressful! Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make the experience more manageable overall. First, working with the right real estate professional makes your home more appealing to buyers. Second, by working with the right household moving company, you can make your experience a positive one overall. 

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Moving? What Should Be In Your Moving Essentials Box

The big move is looming directly ahead, and as you pack up everything around you, it’s vital to set certain items aside: your essentials. One of the best moving tips you can ever follow is to create an essentials box for each member of the house as you pack. So what is an essentials box, and what should it contain? Here are a few pointers.

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Avoiding an Injury During a Move with Essential Moving Safety Tips

Combine a lot of heavy lifting and work with exhaustion, and you have a sure recipe for an injury to happen. Unfortunately, moving can involve all of this and more, so the chances of getting hurt during a move can be pretty high. In addition, if you're not attentive to safety, you could end up with an injury that might make transitioning from your current home to the next even harder to handle. Here are a few big safety tips to keep in mind for your relocation.

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Moving? 5 Tips To Help Your Kids Make New Friends

As you make the move to a new home, you know that leaving old friends behind can be hard on your kids. While they're likely excited about the move, it's normal for there to be some anxiety about being the new kid in town. Check out these tips for helping your little ones make lasting friendships in their new neighborhood.

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Preparing an Office for a Move: Business Relocation Timeline

Are you moving your office to a new location? Congratulations on finding a suitable space for your business! Now comes the next step: preparing your office for relocation. As with any move, relocating an office is a multi-step process that requires thoughtful planning. Starting the moving process early and staying organized is essential. These tips will help you prepare your office for a smooth move.

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