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How to Choose the Best New Location for Your Business

A critical success factor for most businesses is the ideal location. Here are some tips for choosing the best new location when relocating your business. Set a Budget Decide how much of your business budget you can spend leasing or buying space. Then, look for locations that will fit within your budget.

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Family Relocation? Helpful Tips for Children Who Have to Move

Residential moves are stressful for everyone, and you probably have a long to-do list before the movers arrive. Helping prepare your kids for a move and helping them adjust to their new home should be your top priority on that checklist.   For children, relocating to a new house is a sudden and challenging disruption of normalcy. Starting fresh in a new home in a new neighborhood can feel overwhelming, especially for children used to a routine.

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10 Inexpensive Tips to Boost Curb Appeal Before Listing Your Home

If you plan to sell your home soon, you’ll probably see some competition this year. To attract more buyers and receive the best price for your property, boosting its curb appeal can help. Are you short on funds to upgrade the exterior of your home before your household move? Don’t despair. Check out these ten inexpensive ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

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6 Smart Reasons to Hire a Moving Company for Your Relocation

When you start planning your upcoming relocation, you'll have a choice. Should you hire a moving company or do the work yourself? While doing it yourself may seem like a way to save money, hiring a moving company is more than just a convenience. Hiring a moving company can save you time and stress and even save you from potential injuries. Here's what you need to consider as you're trying to make the right decision.

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Anticipating the Unexpected: Coping with Last-Minute Changes in Your Move

While any move can involve significant planning, things can always go awry or unexpected hiccups with such a major task. The more prepared you are to navigate the unexpected, the easier you can move through the obstacle unscathed. Look at the unexpected things that can arise, explore strategies to handle last-minute changes and challenges, and how to be prepared for your residential move.

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How to Keep Employees Productive During a Move

Moving your company to a new location is exciting. Not only do you get to expand your company and customer base, but your employees have the opportunity to enjoy a new workspace. A move can be hectic, and keeping employees motivated and productive can be challenging. Below are some quick tips, tricks, and strategies to keep your employees productive during an office move.

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How to Pack Your Tools

Most people focus on packing their house for a significant residential move, including rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. While packing these rooms is undoubtedly important, many homeowners must also pack and move a garage— home to many tools and equipment. Packing tools can be challenging because of their weight, sharp edges, and unusual sizing. Creating a plan of attack for packing your tools can help you speed through the process and safely transport your tools to your new home.

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How To Pack Pictures and Mirrors to Prepare for Your Move

When packing boxes for your household move, some require more care than others. This is especially true for fragile items, such as pictures and mirrors. You can’t pack these as quickly as you would clothing, books, or linens. When packing delicate items, the following tips can help ensure your pictures and mirrors arrive safely at your new home.

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Items to Clear Out Before a Move

One of the keys to a successful residential move is purging your belongings before you start packing. Scaling back your belongings makes for a more efficient, organized move and helps you settle in quicker at our new home when you have less stuff. Here are things you should clear out before moving day. Kitchen Extras The kitchen often collects extra items that you should discard before you move. These items include: Plastic containers that are worn, stained, or missing lids

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Preparing Your Office Team for a Move

Relocating your office can be an overwhelming task, but it becomes easier when you prioritize. One priority task is communicating with your office team about the move. Without good communication, your employees will be anxious and may become less engaged in their work. Here are some tips for preparing your team for an office move.

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