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Top Tips for Setting Up Utilities in Your New Home

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of a household moving, but one thing you don’t want to overlook inadvertently is setting up the utilities in your new home. Arranging utilities takes some planning because you need to make arrangements on both ends of the move. Here are the necessary steps you want to take, along with helpful tips.

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5 Tips To Organize A Successful Last-Minute Moving Sale

Moving to a new home involves a great deal more than packing up your belongings and shuffling down the road. The transition includes changes of address at the Post Office, utility transfers, and confronting the excessive accumulation of underused belongings. Eliminate what you don’t need or use anymore.

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Make Changing Schools Easier for Your Child

Moving is an adventure for families, but it also brings challenges. One of the biggest challenges for children when making a household move is changing schools. Here are some tips for making changing schools easier for your child.

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5 Things to Consider Discarding When Moving and Why

Most people need to take the time to unclutter before packing for a household move. Sometimes it can be challenging to focus on the overstuffed closets and drawers, but a good purge of unneeded items is wise before relocating. In addition, some stuff is worthy of selling or donating to a local charity.   Decluttering before you pack might help you:   Reduce your transportation costs. 

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Moving? Ask Yourself These Questions to Decide Whether It’s Time to Hire the Pros

The thought of handling packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking can feel daunting, even for those who move regularly. So if you're getting ready to move and you're feeling overwhelmed, you may be wondering whether it's time to get help from professional household movers. Here, we'll take a look at a few questions you can ask to help you decide whether it makes sense to hire a professional moving company instead of doing all the work of moving by yourself. 

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5 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Professional Movers When Relocating

Relocating a business involves dozens of details and, to experience a smooth move, you shouldn’t overlook any of them. Even a tiny omission can create a significant interruption to operations. Partnering with a moving company can ensure an easy transition. Here are five reasons businesses should hire professional movers when relocating.

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Steps to a Stress-Free Move — Even on a Tight Timeline

You find out you have to move, and your timeline is pretty tight. Planning, packing, and moving can take so much time, and not having a lot of time can get stressful. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for a stress-free move even though you don't have a lot of time on your hands. 

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The bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms in the home. Sometimes a challenge to pack; your bathroom likely has items of various shapes and sizes to deal with. Plus, it might contain more things than you initially expect. Here are some tips for packing the bathroom efficiently for a household move.

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5 Ways to Make Moving Easier One Month Before Your Move

With your moving date circled on the calendar, you may be looking at that day with dread — with all the work ahead. However, one month before you move, there are a handful of things you can tackle early that will make all the difference. Here's how to make your move easier and far less stressful. 

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5 Things Your Pro Movers May Not Transport

While working with a professional moving company to help you relocate is always ideal, knowing what to expect with your belongings will ensure a smooth process. Some moving companies will move just about anything, from your furniture to your car. However, certain items may pose unnecessary risks to either your belongings or the movers. Therefore, you may have a few belongings in your collection that you will have to handle independently.

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