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The bathroom is usually one of the smaller rooms in the home. Sometimes a challenge to pack; your bathroom likely has items of various shapes and sizes to deal with. Plus, it might contain more things than you initially expect. Here are some tips for packing the bathroom efficiently for a household move.

Set Aside Essentials

First, set aside items you'll need during the last two days in your old home and the first day in your new home. Include medications you take daily, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, soap, a towel and washcloth, and anything else you consider essential. Keep a few first aid items with the essentials in case you cut yourself during the move.

Pack all these bathroom essentials and first aid items last in a box with essentials from other rooms. Keep your “essentials box” with you during the move.

Sort Medicines

Go through each medication to determine whether to keep it or discard it. Dispose of medicine:

  • Past its expiration date 

  • That has no label or one that’s illegible 

  • With a different consistency or color than it originally had

  • That no longer works for you or causes side effects

  • For a condition that you no longer treat

The best way to dispose of most medications is through a drug take-back program. Check with your local law enforcement or pharmacist to find one in your area. If one is not available, read the label to determine how to dispose of the medication. Only flush those medications on the flush list; also check to determine whether or not you can throw the drug away.

Once you've decided which medicines to keep, pack them in a separate box marked medicine cabinet so you can quickly identify them in an emergency. For liquids, ensure the label is on tightly and place the bottle inside a plastic bag to prevent spills from damaging anything else.

Sort Makeup and Toiletries

Next, sort your makeup and toiletries, throwing away anything that has expired or any half-filled bottles you haven't used in a while. Be particular about what you'll take with you as you can buy many items in your new location. If you have unused items in good condition that you don't want to move, consider giving them to a shelter. 

As you pack, be sure the lids are tight and place them in plastic bags to prevent leaks for those you want to move.

Sort Other Items

Sort towels, washcloths, and similar items, discarding those that have worn thin or are fraying.  Sort small appliances. 


Pack bathroom items in small boxes. Pack toiletries separate from medicines. Cushion glass bottles with packing paper. Mark the boxes with glass items as fragile. To ensure small boxes aren't lost in the move, place them in medium-sized boxes and mark them appropriately.

What Not to Pack

Remember, your professional mover will not transport restricted items. These include:

  • Nail polish remover

  • Nail polish

  • Hair spray

  • Bleach

  • Most cleaning products

Be sure to dispose of these items safely.

Help With Your Move

From bathrooms to family rooms and beyond, we can help pack and move your family. Contact us for a free quote. We can help get you to your new home.