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6 Bathroom Items Not Worth Packing for Your Move

Over time, bathroom areas tend to get cluttered with lots of items. Some are used regularly, but others have expired or are no longer used for other reasons. So before you begin packing for your household move, make a plan to purge and declutter.

As you prep for moving, consider removing these six items that are not worth packing.

1. Medications

The first thing you’ll want to sort through is medications. Safely dispose of expired medicines that lack labels, have a changed physical appearance, or have an unusual odor. Speak to your local pharmacy to find out how to properly dispose of prescription and OTC medications. Some communities offer medication disposal dates. Never flush drugs or toss them into the trash.

2. Cosmetics and Nail Products

Next, go through any cosmetics to weed out expired, never or rarely-used, dried-out, or empty containers. Even if it’s still wrapped as new, it’s probably old, and clearly, these are cosmetics you’re not using anyway. Why clutter your new bathroom? When it comes to items such as nail polish and removers, find out how to properly dispose of them since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers them hazardous waste.

3. Soaps and Hair Products

Sort through your soaps and hair products, and plan to dispose of or give away those that are still good but that you never use. These items are heavy, and there is no point in paying for weight to transport liquid soaps, shampoos, conditioners, gels, hairsprays, and other hair products that will likely collect dust in your new bathroom anyway. Plus, some movers won’t relocate these items.

Do you have soap and hair products that are almost empty? Try to finish using them before you move and recycle the bottles/containers. If you have unopened products that are not expired that you don’t want to take, you may be able to find a non-profit that would gladly accept them.

4. Appliances

If you’ve still got old curling irons, hair straighteners, air dryers, or electric shavers from the last century and never or seldom use them, now is the perfect time to let them go. Discard broken bathroom appliances. If you have unopened or otherwise still suitable and safe, you can give them away or mark them for donation.

5. Old Towels

You may have bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths with tatters, stains, or tears. If so, plan to use these as rags for deep cleaning or repurpose them to wrap fragile items before your move. Plan to treat yourself to new towels for your new place. Don't pack if you have mismatched sets or ones that won’t match your new bathroom and prefer new ones. Donate them instead. The same goes for any shower curtains or other bathroom linens.

6. Cleaning Supplies

You should use any bathroom cleaning supplies you have before you move. Carefully pack the rest, but keep in mind that moving companies cannot transport some items, so you might need to do it yourself. If they're still good and you can’t bring them, ask family, friends, and neighbors if they might have a use for these items. If you must discard them, ensure you’re doing it safely and legally.

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