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6 Reasons Not to DIY Your Relocation

While a do-it-yourself household move can save you money compared to hiring professional movers, a DIY relocation is challenging and potentially dangerous because of the risk of injury and other mishaps. Here are some things to consider if you’re deciding between moving on your own and hiring movers.

1. Safety

Moving can be dangerous in many ways. For example, moving heavy boxes can lead to back injuries and falls, while moving at warm times of the year can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. When you hire professional movers, they move your boxes using dollies and other specialized moving equipment so you don’t have to. Moving professionals are trained to handle your stuff safely.

2. Convenience

While moving can be exciting, it can be a hassle. From picking up the moving van to loading and unloading, moving takes many hours and has many inconvenient steps that you must complete. When you hire movers to relocate, you can avoid the inconvenience and pass the work on to trained professionals.

A team of qualified movers will have more experience doing this kind of work and can do it more efficiently. This means that hiring professionals saves you time and allows you to complete your relocation in less time.

3. Physical Challenge

Are you able to lift big, cumbersome boxes? Can you lift heavy furniture? What will you do if you don't have the strength to complete the relocation on your own? When you work with moving professionals, you don't even have to wonder about the answers to these questions because the pros handle the boxes and heavy items for you.

4. Driving Hazards

Driving a moving truck can be very difficult, and if you've never driven one on your own, you'd be surprised how challenging it can be. The large size, heavy trailer, and wide turn radius take some getting used to—not to mention parking it. If you're uncomfortable driving a moving truck, you're better off hiring professionals.

5. Stress

Moving can be very stressful, no doubt. DIY moves are incredibly stressful. When you hire professionals, you know they will manage the most difficult parts of your relocation. This can reduce your stress levels before the move and during the relocation. 

6. Safer for Your Possessions

If you're not used to moving boxes, you may be more likely to drop or fall with them. In addition to causing injuries, this could lead to broken personal items. Hiring professionals reduces the likelihood of damaged items during the move because they know how to avoid dropping and breaking your belongings.

Hire the Professionals for Your Upcoming Relocation

Don't risk the injury, stress, and physical difficulty of trying to relocate on your own: hire the professionals for a smoother, more successful relocation. Contact us today for an estimate for your upcoming move.