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6 Ways to Make Moving Less Stressful

Moving brings up many emotions, from excitement and anticipation to worry and anxiety. You're not alone if you've ever felt stressed about a household move.

Studies suggest that moving is among life's most stressful events, along with having kids, starting a new job, or getting divorced. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce moving stress.

Here are five ways to make your move less stressful.

1. Give Yourself Time

When it comes to moving, much anxiety revolves around time — or, more specifically, lack of it.

But avoiding time-related stress is manageable. Just be sure to give yourself plenty!

That means starting the planning and packing process as soon as possible — even months ahead. This eliminates that feeling of stress that comes when you're rushed.

2. Create a Moving To-Do List

One of the best ways to avoid that rushed feeling? Build time into your move with a to-do list. This way, you won't forget anything or miss important deadlines.

Critical deadlines may include scheduling utility connections and shut-offs, forwarding mail, retaining movers, dropping off a cable box or modem, picking up records from a medical office or school, and more.

3. Organize the Paperwork

Moving involves multiple steps, many of which involve paperwork. Keep documents — such as utility contracts, moving company quotes, receipts, and other papers together in a binder. Then all that critical information will be at your fingertips when needed.

Of course, many documents are available digitally. Creating a folder so all your essential records can live in one place will help reduce your stress.

4. Pack Early, Slowly, and Methodically

As with all things related to moving, when it comes to packing, the more lead time you give yourself, the better. Start packing as far out from moving day as you can

First, sort your possessions into three categories: keep, sell, and donate. After all, you don't want to pay to move items you don't want or use.

Then begin packing the items you use least. Move room to room methodically to keep the process organized.

5. Use a Consistent Labeling System

And speaking of being organized, using a consistent labeling system will help reduce stress, too. For example, when you start to pack, you may be tempted to throw everything into boxes, tape them up, and call it good.

While this method may save you some time at the start of your move, it'll cost you time and effort once you're in your new home. So, carefully label each box with a short list of its contents and the room it will go to.

6. Hire a Moving Company

There's no better way to reduce stress than hiring movers to help with your move. Professional, reputable movers have the experience and expertise to smooth the rough edges of your relocation and do the heavy lifting (literally) for you.

Along the way, remember to stop and laugh now and then. Enjoy the excitement and anticipation of a fresh start in a new home — a few laughs will go a long way toward relieving moving stress.

We will tailor your move to your specific needs. So, contact us for a free quote.