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6 Tips for Unpacking After a Move

All the work put into packing up for a household move isn’t necessarily the hard part. Aside from being exhausted, unpacking is also a big task and can be just as time-consuming, if not more so, since you have to figure out where everything needs to go. The closets, cabinets, shelving, room configurations, and other spaces likely look nothing like your last place.

Organizing is your best friend to make the unpacking part of your move easier. Here are some tips to help you get settled in your new place.

1. Declutter Your Home First

Decluttering your home before you move is an excellent strategy because it’s a timesaver and a money saver. If you’re like most people, you probably have held onto many belongings you no longer need or use. This uses precious space in your home, and moving them will cost extra since you’re bringing excess weight.

Instead, try to declutter. Consider your clothing, shoes, books, DVDs, old electronics, and unused furniture. Why pack these items only and relegate them to a box in a closet in your new home or take up other valuable real estate spots in your new place? Instead, donate or sell items in good shape and recycle or throw away broken or obsolete things.

2. Take Photographs Before You Pack

To simplify the unpacking process, take photos of various rooms in your home before you start packing to move. This way, you can easily refer to how you organized or grouped items together. Also, remember to take photos of any electronics, wires, adapters, and other configurations – that’ll be a huge timesaver in your new home since they can get complex and messy.

3. Pack Rooms One at a Time

As you’re packing up boxes, try to keep grouped items together. For instance, don’t mix your kitchen items with your bedroom or bathroom ones. Pack items that go in the same room together and then clearly label them. It’s easier if you do the bulk of the work one room at a time (just keeping out items you need right up until the move).

4. Organize Boxes and Furniture to Go on the Moving Truck

Once everything is labeled (and color-coded by room for quick and easy identification), shift your boxes, so they go on the truck organized. In other words, keep your kitchen stuff together, bedroom boxes, etc. Your mover may need to reorganize some boxes, but it helps simplify the unloading process if all the boxes can go into rooms simultaneously. To make this tip successful, ensure each box goes in the correct room when unloaded.

5. Prioritize Rooms to Unpack

It can be overwhelming trying to decide where to start first. Ideally, start with the bathroom since it’s an essential room. Next, move to other rooms.

  • Bedroom(s)

  • Kitchen

  • Living room

  • Home office

  • Entryways

  • Closets

  • Storage spaces

If you have people staying over who might be helping you with your move, prioritize your guest room or other sleeping space for your family or friends.

6. Break Down Boxes as You Unpack

Unpacking takes up a lot of space, and chances are good you’ll need to make messes before you can thoroughly unpack and organize. To free up room to move around and save time later on, plan to break down boxes as you unpack them and prep for recycling or to give away.

Moving Made Easy

Getting a move fully organized takes a lot of work. Hiring a professional mover can go a long way toward having a low-stress move. To obtain a free quote, contact us!