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Moving Your Office: How to Prepare Your Team

Moving your office location is a big undertaking. First, you must find the ideal location and space for your business needs. Next, you’ll need to determine which staff can relocate or commute to the new office. The last step is to plan the move.

With so many moving parts, you want to ensure you don’t overlook any task. So here are top tips for a seamless office move.

Communicate With Employees

One of the worst things any employer can do is let employees hear about relocation plans through the grapevine. If this happens, it might generate negativity and frustration in employees because these plans directly affect their lives. So instead, keep employees in the loop about location, moving dates, and facility features—and maybe offer suggestions for local daycare facilities or public transportation options.

Encourage Involvement

One approach to an office move is to get employees involved with the moving process. Doing so will empower them with a level of control while providing them with an opportunity to feel as if they're a part of the bigger picture, including long-term plans for the company.

  • Set up teams with a team lead

  • Assign tasks for each team

  • Offer prizes or other incentives for added fun

Getting employees involved will help you obtain buy-in for the move. In addition, allowing employees to participate will give them more ownership and pride in their position with the company.

Organize and Downsize

If your company has been in its current space for a long time, there may be unnecessary items cluttering the nooks and crannies of your office. First, have one or more moving teams take charge of the decluttering process by letting them decide what’s essential to save, organize, save, and determine what can go. Moving only important items will ease the stress associated with the move while reducing the moving costs.

Offer Incentives and Improvements

Getting settled in a new location offers the opportunity to give your company a fresh start. If your office has dated or worn furniture, legacy equipment, or other inefficiencies, use moving as an opportunity to give everything a nice upgrade. Allow employees to help choose furniture and obtain input on their current needs so that you can plan for more efficient technology.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Packing and unpacking an entire office is a massive undertaking. While getting employees involved is good, you also don’t want to drag down morale by making them do all the hard work—hire a professional mover and leave the fun tasks to staff. Your professional mover can pack, transport, and unpack to ease the stress of the move and allow your employees more time to get settled in without the hassle.

Need Help Transitioning to Your New Office?

Relocating a company can get complicated fast. Doing so involves many steps, but the bottom line is that the more proactive your planning, the easier it’ll be for you and your employees.

Contact us today if you want a free quote for your office move. We’re happy to discuss any of our services with you.