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Should You Stage Your Home When Selling?

Selling a home can happen quickly or drag on endlessly, depending on the current real estate market. Many people wonder whether they should stage their home before listing it for sale to see if it will help them move their property more quickly.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but in many cases, homeowners find it a good idea. Let’s look at the pros and cons of staging your home so you’ll have food for thought to help you decide.

What is Staging a Home?

Staging is what it sounds like. If you’re selling your house, you eliminate clutter, completely depersonalize your home, and essentially give your home a polished look. This may involve renting furniture, having a professional decorator, and making other changes to help home seekers envision living there themselves.

Pros of Staging Your Home

Buyers find there are many advantages to staging. Let's take a look at a few benefits.

Home Sells Quickly

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 58% of buyer agents say home staging affects a buyer’s view of the home, while 31% said staging has an impact, but not always. Either way, 81% say that staging makes it easier for the buyer to envision the home as their own.

Sellers Can Make More Money

Many real estate professionals indicate that professionally staged homes sell quickly and fetch more money. NAR statistics show homeowners can net a 4x return on the money spent on staging.

Adds Visual Appeal

Staging tends to entice people to want to see a home over those that aren’t staged, which means more buyers may want to tour your property over others, increasing the probability you’ll sell quickly at a price you wish to – or for more money.

Cons of Staging Your Home

As with everything else in life, with advantages, staging brings a few disadvantages.

Cost of Staging

A drawback for many people to staging a home before listing it for sale is the costs involved. If you hire professionals, the fees can quickly add up, especially if you have many rooms to stage and exterior spaces. Generally, it’ll cost a few hundred dollars, depending on where you live.

Can Be Time-Consuming

Another drawback to staging your home is the time it involves, especially if you have lived in it for many years. You’ll have to declutter, depersonalize, and essentially “empty” the house of your things, and when you’re trying to plan a move, this can add stress.

Need to Obtain Storage Space

When staging your home, you’ll need a space to put your personal belongings that aren’t on display. You can’t push your furniture or boxes into a room and close the door, nor can you keep them in your home. You must rent storage space and move your belongings into the unit. However, your expert mover might provide storage space and simplify your storage requirements.

 Moving Made Easy

Whether you choose to stage your home or not – we can help! Contact us today for a free quote!