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Top Tips for Setting Up Utilities in Your New Home

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of a household moving, but one thing you don’t want to overlook inadvertently is setting up the utilities in your new home. Arranging utilities takes some planning because you need to make arrangements on both ends of the move. Here are the necessary steps you want to take, along with helpful tips.

Know What Services You Need to Arrange

Generally, there are a few primary utilities most people need. However, depending on where you’re moving, you may not be responsible for some utilities as, occasionally, some utilities are included with the property.

  • Electricity

  • Natural Gas (or oil/propane delivery services)

  • Water and sewer

  • Trash pick-up

  • Cable, satellite, or another provider

  • Internet (if not inclusive with other services)

  • A landline telephone (if desired)

Homeowners should check with their HOA to see if any are covered or arranged, and renters should contact their landlord or property manager. Regardless of owning or renting, plan to do this well to learn what you need to arrange ahead of time.

Create a Checklist

After figuring out what’s needed (and not needed), create a utility checklist so you can note down services, available providers, turn on/off dates, and contact information. Then, for services where you’ll have your choice of providers, start checking prices and options so you can begin to narrow down before committing to a specific provider.

Plan for New or Transferred Services

Some utility companies are more flexible than others, but you generally want to start making arrangements roughly three to four weeks ahead of the move. Some providers will need to set up services for new utility accounts physically, and others may want to run credit checks and collect deposits. If you can transfer current services to your new place, you’ll want to speak with a representative to determine the timeline to arrange the transfer, what you need to do, and give them the new address.

Pro tip: Before making phone calls, check if you can make the arrangements online, or check the providers’ websites to find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Cancel Services No Longer Needed

About two weeks before the move, set a date for turnoff and notify the companies of the cancelation. This way, you aren’t paying for services for the home’s new occupants or the empty house. Remember also to settle up any owed balances, so it doesn’t ruin your credit.

Make Sure Utilities Work on Moving Day

Upon arrival at the new place, do a quick walk-through to ensure all utilities operate. Flip on lights, plug in TVs to see if the cable works, connect to Wi-Fi with a device, and flush the toilet. When trash day arrives, make sure to put out a container and ensure they pick up as scheduled. You don’t want to pay for utilities you don't need—plus essential ones you’ll want right away, and you can quickly call providers to have the turn-on completed. Most will promptly correct mistakes made on their end, but if it’s your error, you might have to wait, which is why it’s so important to plan for utilities proactively.

Moving Made Easy

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